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Customer references

Västtrafik (reference case)

API Management project at Västtrafik, reference case (in Swedish).

Color Line ICC (reference case)

Experienced integration/SOA consultants to help build ICC and integration platform based on RedHAT JBoss Fuse.

Sympa - Integration with Mule (reference case)

Integration services through cloud based solution based on Mule ESB/Anypoint Platform

Reco.se - The art of migrating seamlessly

Operations guaranteed 24/7, a solution for load balancing and support for the application server JBoss

SJs webbplats snabbare och säkrare med Varnish

Ökad kapacitet och kortare svarstider för SJ

Jula (reference case)

Fler kunder till Julas butiker med snabbare webbplats tack vare Varnish Plus

Our customers are our success.

We believe in a non-agressive business model – customers buy our services because we provide excellent value – not because they are locked in.

We know that we can be replaced by another vendor. The competence of our staff and our level of service and ability to exceed customer expectation is what make our business flourish and grow.

We know that working with Open Source means changing the game!