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Managed Hosting

We are one of the premier service providers in the Scandinavian region. We work with more than 150 internet publications throughout Scandinavia, including A-pressen, NHST and Verdens Gang in Norway, Trap in Denmark, Norran in Sweden and Hjemmet Mortensen's periodicals in Scandinavia. We also provide IT operations for non-internet centric customers including large printing houses and major telecom providers.

We know IT Operations

Building on more than a decade of experience in IT operations our mission is to take care of your solution so you can focus on your core competences. Our flexibility allows us to provide monitoring and operations on a range from single subsystems up to complete complex IT solutions. We can manage your applications at your premises or in our secure data centers while offering response time and/or up-time guarantees.


By basing our operations on award-winning configuration management (Puppet) and monitoring tools (Munin and Icinga) we can scale our services from single instances to hundreds of servers as your business grows.  Providing the flexibility to tailor-make our support systems to your needs, or by reusing time-proven modules, we can cater to both nimble organizations with frequent changes and to organizations that requires robust and quality-assured routines that minimize change-related risk.

We are a customer-centric team that focuses on the customer before the technology. Our highly skilled technicians draw on a problem-solving culture built up over a decade of IT operations for our customers, working closely with developers in both rolling out new applications and fixing current ones.

Our reliability, capacity, competence and flexibility has resulted in our company managing more than 20% of Norway's top-100 most popular internet locations.


Redpill Linpro offers a wide range of services including:

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Case study

Tobias Basilius, CEO of Reco.se (photo by Lena Dahlström)

"We chose to work with Redpill Linpro because they listened to what we needed and then they delivered it. Their solution for load balancing was better than the ones from their competitors and at the same time they guaranteed operations 24/7".

Tobias Basilius, CEO of Reco.se