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HTTP, the protocol that Internet is based on
The world has decided, everyone has agreed. HTTP, the protocol that Internet WWW browsing is based on, is now the de-facto standard protocol for both internal and external transactions, for text, messages, sound, images and and film.

Building a new unified HTTP-compliant system architecture should now be a quite easy, and solve a lot of traditional hassles (like removing all traditional PC maintenance issues and allowing all staff to bring their own device), but... you need to address your legacy. Few have the opportunity to start with a blank page. And in addition new issues are introduced, like security and scalability. 

We can help you not only with the transition to the world of HTTP, but we can also provide a number of well established, stable, cost-efficient solutions to most of the issues you will come across. And in addition we can help you come up with innovative solutions that will get you happier users – as well as help scale your business and give you new opportunities.

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